Open Learning Resources

Open Learning initiatives and programs provide anyone with access to the Internet with the ability to learn about virtually any subject. All of these programs are free and readily available to anyone who wants to learn, regardless of location and prior knowledge or education. They vary in from lectures to actual online classes with homework, and some classes even offer certificates upon completion of a course.


Udacity provides free quarterly courses in mathematics, science and technology. During each quarter users can sign up for any number of courses they choose. The professors at Udacity are qualified volunteers who provide lectures and homework throughout the course, as well as a certificate once the courses is completed.

Carnegie Mellon University

The Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning initiative is a service that offers free online courses. These courses are taught by qualified educators who aim to fuse research, high quality courses, and student and instructor feedback to improve secondary education.

The Open University

OpenLearn provides free educational resources and sample courses to all registered students.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy boasts over 3800 videos on a wide variety of topics ranging from mathematics to world history to chemistry and finance. Videos are all available, with no sign-up required, however, registering account enables user to earn badges, track their learning progress and stats and access a unique, adaptive learning environment that changes according the user's individual pace and needs.

Harvard University

The Harvard Extension School provides students with an opportunity to take courses, earn certificates, or work toward a degree.

Queen's University Belfast

Queens University Belfast’s Open Learning Program offers a wide variety of part-time courses that are open to all adults, regardless of qualifications or experience. These courses are offered during the day, evenings and weekends and 3 programs are available each academic year.

University of Guelph

The Open Learning program at the University of Guelph is a distance-only mode of study that provides individuals with access to degree-credit university courses. These courses are for individuals who are interested in personal enrichment, professional updating, or eventual application to a degree program.


Coursera offers free online courses from some of the top universities in the world with certificates available upon completion of some courses.

Yale University

Open Yale Courses are open, free introductory courses that are taught by Yale teachers and Scholars.

Stanford University

The site provides a variety of learning options. There are 16 free classes.