20th Anniversary Celebration

ICL celebrated its 20th Anniversary in September, 2012. A committee under the leadership of ICL member Peter Rasmussen was appointed to commemorate the occasion.

The first day of the 2012 Fall Semester featured presentations by Willamette University and ICL personnel, describing the establishment, organization, and early history of ICL.

The following special publications were also showcased on Fall Semester's opening day:

1. The 20th Anniversary Program (access it by clicking here)

2. The 20th Anniversary Booklet (access it by clicking here)*

3. A slide show celebrating ICL's 20th Anniversary and those members most responsible for ICL's success (not currently available online)

4. A video presentation on the history, personalities and programs of ICL (not currently available online)

* 7.5 MB PDF file (broadband connection recommended)