Recent Mini-Grant Awards

Spring Semester 2014

Small Project Grants ( $500)

Asian American Student Social Justice Club (organization research)
Five Willamette students traveled to the University of Washington campus in Seattle to meet with a student activist group (called the Asian Coalition for Equality) to learn more about the club with a view to starting a similar organization at Willamette. As of Fall Semester 2014, the students have organized Willamette's Asian Coalition for Equality, centered on Asian American education and activism and solidarity-building with other groups on campus.

Northwest Asian Desi Pacific Islander American Freedom School
A group of Willamette students attended this three-day conference at the University of Oregon in May 2014. They learned about the Asian Desi Pacific Islander community and incorporated what they learned into the educational component to the newly-formed Asian Coalition for Equality.

I, Too, am WU: A Micro-aggressions Project
As part of the American Ethnic Studies Theory and Methods class, a group of students created a photo project in which students of color shared micro-aggressive statements made to them. Focus groups were also held, offering a space for students to discuss their experiences. Go to to see the photo project and to explore the educational and healing resources available.

Large Project Grants ($500-$1,000)

Queer Students of Color Conferencee
This conference at Portland State University provided an opportunity for queer students of color to explore more of their identities and their ties to their communities through the conference theme, "(Re)generating Community: Radical Coalitions at the Intersections." Several Willamette students participated and learned more about how to start building a safe space for queer students of color in hostile spaces. Through student-led workshops, performances by spoken-word artists, and keynote speaker Laverne Cox, students were exposed to a wide range of topics and ideas.

Willamette Students Engaged in Social Justice Work through May Day
Members of WU CAUSA and other Willamette students joined forces with CAUSA Oregon and other statewide organizations to plan and execute CAUSA's annual May Day march and rally at the Oregon State Capitol. Students were able to engage in activism work to promote social justice at Willamette and in the broader Salem community. They were able to mobilize and educate students who might not have been involved in the rally if the funding for meals and materials for the educational component of movement building had not been available.

Food Insecurity
Seven Willamette students worked in collaboration with administrators of Marion-Polk Food Share to investigate food insecurity among seven demographic groups in the Willamette Valley. Students visited sites, volunteered their services, and conducted key informant and group interviews throughout the course of the semester, including at food pantries, community dinners, schools, special meal programs, and senior centers. On the last day of the semester, the students presented their findings to Marion-Polk Food Share and the wider Willamette University community.

Fall Semester 2014

Small Project Grants ( $500)

Hushed Topics: Conversations about Bias
Funding was awarded to facilitate a series of Diversity Dialogue Circles, open-participation discussion groups, in September and October that would encourage individuals to share their own experience in diversity, including, but not limited to, views on race and ethnicity, sexuality and discrimination, religion, and disabilities.

Students for Justice in Palestine
With a goal of creating a Willamette chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine during Spring Semester 2015, funding was awarded to partially reimburse airfare for a student to attend the national SJP conference in Boston.

Chief Diversity Officers in Local Higher Education
Two students researched the roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments of chief diversity officers at small liberal arts colleges and universities in the Pacific Northwest that are similar to Willamette. The results of their research will be reported to the CLA Multicultural Affairs Committee to inform its work.

Large Project Grants ($500-$1,000)

College Access Mentoring Program for Latin@ Youth in the CAPACES/TURNO Program
Through a major service-learning project in "IDS 101 - Poverty and Public Policy," Willamette students partnered with the CAPACES Leadership Institute's TURNO (Your Turn) program, which serves Latin@ high school students in Woodburn, Oregon. Willamette students facilitated a series of three college-access workshops and hosted a campus visit for TURNO participants. In addition, Willamette students worked with CAPACES program staff on grant writing activities to support the TURNO program, including both individual interviews with TURNO students and academic research to identify challenges immigrant youth face in accessing higher education.

Mosaic Peer Mentoring Program Mentor Training
Funding was requested for a one-day training retreat for 2004-15 Peer Mentors.

Peer Mediation Program at Gervais Middle School
Students from the College of Law Dispute Resolution Center requested funds to establish a peer mediation program for 6th through 8th grade students at Gervais Middle School (at the request of the principal). Components funded included training workbooks, creation of program manuals, food for training sessions and the year-end ceremony, and assorted program supplies.

Mosaic Peer Mentoring Program - Oregon Students of Color Conference
Mosaic requested funds to assist Willamette student participation at the Oregon Students of Color Conference in November.

Spring Semester 2015

Small Project Grants ( $500)

Women of Willamette
The Women's Law Caucus at the College of Law requested funds for expenses for three of four presentations in their "Women of Willamette" speaker series featuring prominent women in the legal profession.

Campus Appearance of Dr. Kirt Wilson
Dr. Kirt Wilson, associate professor of rhetoric and political communication at Penn State University, is a nationally renowned expert on the rhetoric of the African American Civil Rights Movement and on Reconstruction and post-Reconstruction era race relations in the U.S. The grant helped fund Dr. Wilson's time on campus, which included a public lecture, work with a Civic Communication and Media class, a meeting with CCM majors and other interested students about graduate careers in rhetoric and communication, and an informal lunch with faculty and students.

Large Project Grants ($500-$1,000)

Food Systems Activism
Funding was granted for a two-part program to raise awareness of social justice movements focused on America's food system, including justice for workers and immigrants and an emphasis on sustainable practices. The series will bring/has brought participants in these movements and documentarians of their work to campus with the goal of raising the campus community's awareness of the movements.

WU CAUSA Participation in the May Day Rally at the Oregon State Capitol
This grant will provide funding for WU CAUSA's participation in CAUSA Oregon's annual May Day rally at the Oregon State Capitol to focus attention on immigrant and farmworker justice. Funding will be used to create a large number of signs for the rally and to help provide food for volunteers at pre-rally phone banks and at the rally itself.

Critical Ethnic Studies Association (CESA) conference
Two students were granted awards to fund travel and lodging to allow them to present their theses at the 2015 "Sovereignties & Colonialisms: Resisting Racism, Extraction, and Dispossession" conference in Toronto, Canada.

Fall Semester 2015

Large Project Grants ($500-$1,000)

Summer Student Intern
The LGBTQ subcommittee of the Enrollment Committee was granted funding for a student employment opportunity. The selected student will be responsible for creating a website for prospective and current student and their families, consolidating the resources available to students who do not identify with the gender binary.

Mosaic Peer Mentoring Program - Oregon Students of Color Conference
Mosaic was granted funds to assist Willamette student participation at the Oregon Students of Color Conference in November.