Mini-Grant Program

Evaluation and Report Form

Following the completion of the project, grantees must complete and submit the following Evaluation and Report Form, reflecting on the grant proposal process and the project itself. Grantees are requested to submit this form within one month (30 days) of project completion.

Please contact the Mini-Grants Committee with any questions at

Project Director(s) is required.
Email is required.
Other Key Individual(s) Involved is required.

Who, besides the Project Director(s), was involved with this project?

Application Cycle is required.

Select the deadline date.

Grant Type is required.

Select the type of grant.

Brief Project Description is required.

Please briefly describe the project (in no more than five sentences).

Objective is required.

What did you hope to accomplish?

Monetary Support is required.

How were the funds received through the Mini-Grant used?

Activities is required.

What did you do?

Effect on the WU Community is required.

How did this project help the WU community achieve the core values of diversity and social justice on campus? What evidence do you have for achievement of your project objectives?

Community is required.

Who was involved and/or affected by this project?

How can the Mini-Grant program be improved? What about this process did you find of value? In what ways were you challenged?