Student Organization Collaboration Fund

The Student Organization Collaboration Fund (SOC Fund) is designed to support and encourage inter-group collaborative programming efforts. All student organizations stand to benefit from increased diversity in membership, initiative, and perspective. The Associated Students of Willamette University, in partnership with the Council on Diversity and Social Justice, hope to foster unique and creative relationships between organizations that will ultimately benefit our entire Willamette community as we strive to understand and appreciate our complexity and depth. We believe that all members of our community stand to grow from exposure to and exploration of social justice values.

Guidelines for Proposals

Projects must include two or more distinctly different campus organizations. Organizations may differ in such things as the make-up of their membership, issues discussed, goals, purpose, or type of club (Academic, Multicultural, Athletic, etc) to name a few examples. Preference will be given to registered student organizations, but participation is not limited to such groups. All groups need to have a recognized university advisor.

These grants are not designed to fund long-standing projects; our goal is to encourage new collaboration and creativity, hoping to build new bridges and increase communication on campus.

Projects must support the mission and purpose of the fund as it is explained above.

More guidelines may be found in the application (see below).

To Apply

There will be three funding opportunities each academic year. The annual budget is $7,000, but there are no minimum or maximum dollar amounts for grant proposals. Each proposal will be reviewed by a committee consisting of two ASWU representatives and at least 2 CDSJ representatives.

Applications are due October 11, 2016 and February 7 and April 7, 2017. Click this link for an online application.

Evaluation and Report Form

Projects that are granted monies through the SOC Fund must submit an Evaluation and Report Form within one month of the project’s completion. Future requests and/or distribution of funds may not be granted without the Evaluation and Report Form.