Student Organization Collaboration Fund

Grant Application

To apply for SOC Fund grants, please fill out the application below. Please also note the following:

  1. The proposal must describe a new project and collaboration, as the fund is not designed to sustain long-standing, already existing activities.
  2. Successful proposals must submit an Evaluation and Report Form within one month of the project’s completion. Future requests and/or distribution of funds may not be granted without the Evaluation and Report Form.

Please contact the SOC Fund Committee with any questions at

Please provide the following information
Applicant Name is required.
Relationship to Organization is required.
Email Address is required.

Please enter your full email address (i.e.,

Phone Number is required.
Collaborating Organizations is required.

Which two (or more) different organizations will be in collaboration for this project?

Non-WU Community Partners is required.

What non-Willamette entities (community organizations, offices, etc.), if any, will be included in this project?

Desired Audience is required.

Who is the desired audience for this project, and, if relevant, what participants will be invited?

Outreach and Advertising is required.

What kind of outreach and advertising will be implemented?

Timeline is required.

Please describe the timeline for planning and execution of the project including important dates and deadlines.

Role of Advisors is required.

What role will the organizations’ advisors have in the project? What kind of support is available/being used by the organizations?

Mission of the Project is required.

How will the project reflect the mission and purpose of the SOC Fund, i.e., how will the project encourage learning, interaction, and inquiry around difference, assumptions, prejudices, “truths”, and world views?

Desired Outcomes is required.

What are your desired outcomes from the project?

Itemized Expenses is required.

Please provide a description of estimated expenses.

Other Funding is required.

What other efforts, if any, have been made to find funding? Please be specific about sources and strategies for funding.