Upcoming Indian Country Conversation Events

Indigenous Cinema

January 29, 2015 5:00 pm, Dining 1 & 2, Putnam University Center


Written and directed by Jeff Barnaby of the Canadian First Nation's tribe Mi'kmaq, Rhymes for Young Ghouls is a revenge-fantasy set in 1976 in the notorious Indian boarding schools.

For roughly 100 years, aboriginal children were taken from their families and forced into residential schools that were offshoots of Christian missionaries and supported by the Canadian government. The purpose was to forcefully assimilate First Nation people, essentially stripping the children of their identities and subjecting them to physical, mental and even sexual abuse. But Barnaby wasn't interested in telling a story that was "pity porn." As he told CBC, "If I was going to do a film on that particular topic, I was going to do it in a way that was really irreverent … something that kind of subverted the idea that Native people were victims." - mic.com/arts

This event is free and open to the Willamette University community

This event is sponsored by the American Indian Programs and Native Indigenous Student Unions.