The Bike Shop


Pedals and Pizza Monthly Workshop

Once a month the Bike Shop conducts an informal workshop on a basic and common aspect of bicycle maintenance and repair, examples of which include an overview of the parts and functions of a bike, tuning derailleurs, adjusting brakes, and patching flat tires.  These workshops are run by staff from the Shop itself and are open to the entire Willamette community.  Participants in each workshop may bring their own bicycle or use one provided by the Shop, and each one will receive free cycling gear.  And, you guessed it, pizza will be served!

Volunteer Orientation-Bronze

Interested in volunteering (or someday working) in the Bike Shop?  Come check out one of our volunteer training sessions.  The first level (Bronze) orientation occurs bi-monthly and is designed to introduce you to how the shop functions, as well as the various tools and techniques employed by our staff.  We will show you some of the basics for the repairs we see the most frequently in the shop, as well as give you the opportunity to practice your skills on one of our rental bikes.  There is no commitment required to attend, and the more hours you put in, the more training we will give you.  Plus, those who rise to our silver volunteer level receive a free Bike Shop T-shirt!  Sweet!