Campus Recreation

Gear Rental Policies

  • Full payment of rental fees will be paid at the time of pick up.
  • Weekend rates apply for check-out on Friday and check-in by Monday evening. Daily rates apply for one 24 hour period.
  • Late returns will be charged the item's daily price for each day it is overdue.
  • Free 24 hour rental of Sports Equipment, beyond that point a late fee of $1 per business day, per item is accrued.
  • If a rental has an outstanding late fee they are not permitted to rent additional gear until that late fee is paid.
  • The renter will be charged for repair or replacement of damaged or lost equipment (outside of normal wear and tear).
  • Equipment must be returned clean and dry. The renter will be assessed an $9 (one hour of work) cleaning fee for returning dirty or wet equipment.
  • No refunds will be allowed for equipment rented but not used or returned early.
  • Within 24 hours of return of equipment the Outdoor Program will set up equipment and assess for damage and cleaning fees. We reserve the right to assess and charge damage and cleaning fees within this time period.
  • Gear must be returned in the presence of an Outdoor Program staff member during office hours or by appointment.
  • Renter must be a Willamette University community member and provide proof (ID card).
  • If there are any outstanding charges under your account on the last day of the month failure to pay will result in a minimum $10 charge to your student account.