University Convocation

Fall Semester, 2014

Thursdays, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Cone Chapel, Waller Hall (unless otherwise noted)

The University Convocation series is planned by the students of IDS 202 ("Convo: Campus/Community/Cosmos") so the schedule is under constant development throughout the semester. These are the programs scheduled to date.

September 11
The Peace Corps at 50

Amadou Fofana (French)
Joyce Millen (Anthropology)
Julie Veltman (Spanish)

Willamette faculty will share their Peace Corps experiences from the perspectives of a volunteer, trainer, and recipient.

September 18
Wanted for Theft! - Plagiarism on Campus
This week's Convo will feature a rogues gallery of famous plagiarists, some statistics about plagiarism on campus, advice about how to avoid unintentional plagiarism, and a candid faculty discussion on what it's like to find out your student has not actually written the work they handed in.
September 25
Body Art and the Workplace

Kate Piluso (WU Student)
Aileen Fritz (Piercing Artist)

Is the perception of tattoos and piercings changing? Come find out about your fellow students' experiences with body art, discuss possible limits on body art when looking for a job, and hear form a professional from inside the tattooing and piercing world.

October 2
LGBTQ+ Awareness Month Kick-Off
As part of LGBTQ+ month, we invite you to learn about important markers in LGBTQ+ history, how Willamette has been making changes for a more inclusive climate, and resources available to students.
October 9
Super Dogs: Training Assistance Dogs
Come learn from owner Joy St. Peter about Joys of Living Assistance Dogs, a Salem company that trains service dogs and places them with people in need. St. Peter will bring some of her dogs to illustrate the kinds of assistance they can provide.
October 16
Rethinking Columbus Day

What does it mean to celebrate this holiday? The Seattle City Council just voted to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day rather than Columbus Day. Should other municipalities, states, and the nation follow suit? Come listen and consider!

This Convocation is sponsored by the WU Native and Indigenous Student Union.

October 23
There will be no Convocation this week.
October 30
Phusiri Marka
Since its formation in 1976, the Phusiri Marka ensemble (translated as "Town of Wind Players") has endeavored to preserve the musical traditions of the Aymara people of Chile. Their performances include traditional panpipe, tarka, and orquesta music of the Chilean Andes.
November 6
My Culture is Not a Trend
Join a panel of Willamette community members in a discussion about cultural appropriation and its influence in daily life. Possible topics may include fashion, marketing, and how to have a productive conversation about appropriation.
November 13
Sex-Positive Education
Engage in a conversation about sex education in America. Weigh the pros and cons of the current model of abstinence-based education and explore the idea of sex-positive/comprehensive sex education. The social implications and effectiveness of each model will be considered.
November 20
Professors Profess

Karen Holman (Chemistry)
Andries Fourie (Art)
Seth Cotlar (History and American Ethnic Studies)

Some of our favorite professors will tell us what led them to a life in the classroom - and to Willamette!

November 27
No Convocation - Thanksgiving
December 4
Street Art

David Altman, assistant professor of physics

Come and learn about street art! Controversy surrounds street art, with people calling it both a nuisance and a way of beautifying communities. We will explore how and why street art is created. Professor Altman will provide some background for our discussion.

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