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Upcoming Trips

Students will be placed on trips which fit their topic of interest. 2014-2015 locations will be revealed at the beginning of spring semester.

Past trip topics and descriptions are listed below!

Trip Descriptions

TaB Urban Poverty and Homelessness

  • Dates: 03-22-2014 to 03-28-2014

This trip will engage with communities and individuals experiencing urban poverty and homelessness. Participants will work with agencies that provide resources, education and support to combat these issues. We will have deep, analytical discussions that challenge our preconceptions, and critically analyze how the organizations are impacting the problems they aim to solve. Students will come away with a better understanding of how poverty and homelessness are created and perpetuated by broader systemic issues like racism and classism.

TaB Sexism & Violence

  • Dates: 03-22-2014 to 03-28-2014

This trip will examine the systemic issues of how violence and gender interact within underrepresented communities. Students will learn the impact that race, class, and gender have on accessibility to resources for victims and survivors. Our service trip will focus on the awareness of these issues both for our students and the community in which we serve. Students will be expected to actively engage in furthering their understanding of these issues, and reflect on their experiences throughout the process. Our hope is for students to be able to bring their knowledge back to our campus community, and successfully dissect the experiences women of different backgrounds face in relation to domestic violence and sexual assault.  

TaB Food Justice

  • Dates: 03-22-2014 to 03-28-2014

This trip will focus on understanding food injustice and the different contributing factors that make it relevant. TaB participants will have the opportunity over the course of the week to observe local and large scale food production and distribution to better understand the social and economic inequalities within the system through open dialogue and hands on opportunities.

TaB Criminal (In)justice

  • Dates: 03-22-2014 to 03-28-2014

This trip will allow participants to examine the complexities and intersectionalities of the US criminal justice system. We will come away with a deeper awareness and concern for the politics, policies, histories, and communities affected by mass arrest, detention, and incarceration. During the trip participants will meet with prison advocacy and abolitionist groups to engage in dialogue and community service with the intent of learning about the historical aspects, institutional nature, systemic roots, and contemporary implications of incarceration and detention. This will be an intellectually and emotionally rigorous trip that includes education, direct service, and reflection. Participants should expect to come away with a critical lens with which to examine criminality, an awareness of our own privileges and positionality, and where we can continue working toward justice in our home communities.

TaB Health Disparities and Environmental Sustainability

  • Dates: 03-22-2014 to 03-28-2014

TaB Health Disparities and Environmental Sustainability will explore the external, social determinants of health and health status including systemic issues like poverty, racism, unequal distribution of resources and localization among other factors to gain a deeper understanding of health. The trip will also focus on the environmental justice movement and other initiatives that promote health equity. The environmental sustainability aspect of the trip will involve engaging in the discourse about sustainable living for all communities and for individuals of all backgrounds.