Disability Services

Handheld Accessibility

Phone apps:

  • iPhone:
    • This app turns your phone into a discreet, adjustable hearing device
    • Both Audiobooks and Audible are free readers available on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
    • AudioNote allows students to record lectures while simultaneously taking or drawing notes. You can also store your recordings directly into Dropbox.
    • 30/30 is a free task manager which allows you to set up tasks with timers which will remind you to move on to the next task. Productivity is just a download away.
    • Dragon Dictation is the mobile version of Dragon Naturally Speaking. This is a voice recognition program which will convert speech to text. 
  • Android:
    • Cool Reader is a free reader with text-to-speech capabilities.
    • Easy TTS free e-book reader specifically designed for people with print disabilities. You can search and download directly from one of the largest online accessible libraries garnered towards individuals with print disabilities.
    • Remember the Milk is a task manager which allows you to update your to-do lists on the go. It comes equipped with reminders, time estimates and allows you to prioritize your tasks. Syncs online once a day so your to-do lists are available online as well.
    • AudioNote
    • Dragon Dictation