Financial Aid

Graduate School of Education Tuition & Fees

MAT Tuition and Fees 2013-2014 (estimated)

Full-time program - tuition is calculated per-credit for the 10-month program
2013-2014 Complete program $700/credit
There are between 40-42 credits in the full-time program 
Extended program - tuition is calculated per-credit for each semester of the 18-month face-to-face and online programs (There are approximately 40-42 credits in core MAT program)
2013-2014 First semester $700/credit
2014-2015 Final year Determined in February 2014
(typically 4-6% increase from previous year) 
Students should anticipate the following additional expenses while completing the MAT program
Fees $300.00
Books & Supplies $1,400.00
Licensing $300.00
Health Insurance (if needed) $2,536.00
ESOL endorsement (if selected) $4,800.00
Special Education endorsement (if selected $16,800.00