Human Resources

Parking Program

Terms and Conditions of Participation

If you would like more information on this program, review the terms and conditions.

Located next to the Oregon State Capital, Willamette University is located in an area where parking is at a premium. As such, employees must pay an annual fee for the privilege of parking on campus.

In order to make parking more affordable to employees, Willamette offers the option to enroll in an IRS Code Section 132 Transportation Program. This program allows you to have parking charges withheld from your check on a pre-tax basis, the same way that health and dental premiums are deducted. This withholding occurs pre-tax of Federal and State income tax, as well as FICA tax (Medicare and Social Security) and can save you as much as 30 cents on each dollar you spend on parking related to your employment here at Willamette. Please note that participation can serve to reduce future Social Security benefits as both your contributions and those of the University toward Social Security are reduced due to the salary reduction.