Human Resources

New Employee Information

As a new faculty or staff member, we anticipate that your first few weeks can be challenging as you adjust to new systems and try to master the logistics and the culture of Willamette. Your supervisor and Human Resources will be working together to help ensure that you complete the necessary new hire and benefit enrollment paperwork, and the Human Resources team is here to help point you toward valuable resources, and to be a resource ourselves.

You will find listed below several useful links that will help you navigate your transition to Willamette and our local community. Should you have any questions or need further information that is not provided here, please feel free to contact us or by phone at 503.370.6210.

Moving Expense Reimbursement Information and Forms:

Moving expense reimbursement is only available for new hires when hiring is the result of an intended national search.  This determination is made in advance of the search process on a case by case basis and based on the need to source candidates for a given position on a national level.  Questions concerning the amount of reimbursement provided, or any other questions, should be directed to the Human Resources office at (503) 370-6210.

Willamette University, as a participant in the Oregon Alliance of Independent Colleges and Universities (OAICU), has a preferred list of movers (below) with whom there are pricing agreements.  We strongly recommend soliciting at least two quotes to get the best pricing for your move. 

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