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Provided links and information

This site provides links and information to other resources that might be of use to Willamette Faculty and Staff. The information here may or may not be benefit-related, but the provision of this space in and of itself is intended to be of value to our faculty and staff.

Willamette University makes no guarantees of the quality and does not endorse any one vendor or provider identified on these lists. In some cases, the lists are simply a compilation of information gathered from employees (ie. list of area daycare providers that other faculty and staff use). Others are links to external resources about which Willamette University makes no express or implied endorsement.

If you review one of these lists and would like to add a resource, please contact Human Resources office at (503) 370-6210 or by email,

Resources for Employees with Children

Ride-Share Links and Resources

Commuter Email Groups

There are two ride-share email groups for employees. One is for those who commute from the Portland area and the other is for all commuters to Willamette. To be added to either of these mail groups, please contact Human Resources at 503.370.6210 or by email,

Cherriots Bus Service

Bus passes are obtained through the office of Campus Safety and are provided at a 50% discount.

Mid-Valley Rideshare

Provides information on many types of alternative transportation, including carpooling, vanpooling, rail, bicycling, emergency ride home program, park-and-ride and others.

Drive Less. Connect.

Drive Less Connect provides referral services only and does not certify the character of rideshare participants. As with all such services, participants are advised to carefully screen referrals prior to sharing any personal information.

Emergency Ride Home (ERH)

This program, a cooperative effort between Cherriots and Mid-Valley Rideshare, also provides employees who carpool, bus, or use other forms of alternative transportation to get to work with a free taxi ride home in the event of an emergency. Please register for a Drive Less Connect account. From there, you may enroll in the ERH program and print off your own voucher when needed.