Human Resources

Other Tools/Resources

Cascade Center EAP

  • Staff: The EAP provides free counseling for eligible employees and their family members. Up to five counseling sessions per incident per year are available. Cascade also serves as a resource for assistance with financial, legal, and other challenges people face in their day to day existence.
  • Supervisor: Unlimited "management consultations" to assist managers with challenging matters related to their management of employees.
  • Online resources: Excellent articles and links to information that can help employees with life challenges, self assessments and information on how to access the free services of their health/wellness coaches, and newsletters with information on mental health and wellness.
  • If you or one of your employees need help, you can call Cascade Center EAP toll free, 24 hours per day, at 1-800-433-2320.

Training and Development

  • A variety of training opportunities exist for your department. Please contact the Willamette Training Resources Center at (503) 779-2105 for a consult on any training need you may have.
  • Human Resources/Training and Development may also be able to refer you to a variety of management training options that can help you be a better manager. 

Human Resources

  • Access to a variety of information resources on any number of topics related to employment and management, including, but not limited to managing leaves of absence, interviewing and selection, labor laws, performance management, and much more.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for information on anything related to your responsibilities as a manager.