Language Learning Center

More Languages

This section catalogues the available software found in our Studio space for studying languages offered at Willamette, as well as those not offered.

If you still don't see what you need, feel free to write us at with a personalized request and we'll do our best to meet your need!

Studio Language Software

 Please keep in mind these resources are in the studio only, and to be used during studio hours.

Arabic (1-2) Arabic (1-4)
Spanish (1-2) Spanish (1-4) Atajo
Portuguese (1-2)
Russian (1-2)   Live From Moscow Stage 1
German (1-4) Korrektor Plus 3.5, WordAce! Translation Dictionary
Italian (1-2)  
Chinese (1-3) ABC Interactive Chinese for Windows
Japanese (1-4) Japanese (1-3)
French (1-4) Globe Trekker: France, Système D
Classics: Lingua Latina (1) Perseus 1.0, Biblical Hebrew
Latina 4.1.2, Gramma 4.0
English (1-4)
American English (1-3)

English & General Resources

Wanting to continue improving your English during your stay at Willamette? Take a look at some of these resources!

WRITING *Spellcheck plus, check out the tutorial!
VOCABULARY Quizlet, Busuu
SPEAKING Mixxer, Livemocha
READING webreader, Busuu
ONLINE DICTIONARIES Wordreference, Oxford English, Macmillian

*Campus-wide Pro version.