Residence Life

About Community Mentors

A Residence Life staff member is available to help you and your neighbors build a positive community that fosters attitudes of respect and personal responsibility for your actions. The staff is available to help you in your adjustment to new people, ideas and freedoms.

One to eight  Community Mentors (CMs) live in each building.  CMs are undergraduate students who have attended Willamette for at least one semester and have an understanding of campus resources and events. They are enthusiastic leaders who strive to help students make their Willamette experience the best it can be. CMs will:

  • work to ensure that each member of the community feels welcome and valued
  • help residents get to know each other
  • assist residents who seek information or assistance with academic or personal concerns
  • be one of many community members who develop activities and educational opportunities for residents
  • help develop a sense of community and group responsibility
  • explain policies and community expectations and respond to violations of these expectations
  • perform administrative duties (duty coverage, maintenance requests and weekly staff meetings)


Paraprofessional student staff members who assist the Area Coordinators with administrative duties, programming and staff development. In addition, the interns are utilized as peer-mentors within the Community Mentor staff.

Area Coordinators

Professional staff members responsible for the total operation of the residences in their area. They supervise the residence life staff, advise hall governments, ensure students' rights and responsibilities, oversee the physical condition of the buildings, support programs and maintain communications with the Office of Residence Life and the rest of the University community. Area Coordinators live in apartments in their respective areas.

The Residence Life staff is committed every resident's rights and well-being. If you have any questions, problems or concerns, or if you just want to talk, please contact the department. Staff members are trained to be of assistance to all students and handle emergency situations.

Current Staff