Residential Services

Area Housing

Greek HousingGreek Housing

Willamette University offers a Greek community comprised of three national sororities and five national fraternities.

Theme HousingTheme Housing

Provides a unique living experience that enables a group of students to live together and explore a common area of interest or theme.

Haseldorf ApartmentsHaseldorf Apartments

Haseldorf apartment options include efficiency, studio, one bedroom and two bedroom units. All apartments have hardwood floors.

University ApartmentsUniversity Apartments

51 - one bedroom apartments (apartments on floors 1-6 can be assigned to 1 or 2 students; 7th floor can house 2 or 3 students).

Baxter HallBaxter Hall

Baxter, Willamette's most popular and largest substance-free residence, houses nearly 120 students.

Belknap HallBelknap Hall

Belknap has an all-women's wing and a coed floor. Belknap has carpeted rooms, moveable beds, a piano in the main lounge and a pool table in the basement.

Doney HallDoney Hall

Doney offers coed living in addition to a women's-only floor.

Kaneko CommonsKaneko Commons

Featuring nine different student housing options including singles, doubles, suites and apartments.

Lausanne HallLausanne Hall

Lausanne has carpeted rooms, some of the room furniture is moveable. There is a piano in the living room and pool table in the TV lounge.

Lee HouseLee House

Lee House provides a small, close-knit community. Lee has carpeted rooms, some of the room furniture is moveable.

Matthews HallMatthews Hall

Matthews 2nd floor is all-women's community. Matthews 3rd floor is co-ed. Matthews has carpeted rooms. The beds are moveable.

Shepard HouseShepard House

Students living in Shepard House have committed to a residence free from the influence of alcohol and tobacco.

Terra HouseTerra House

Terra House is a multi-theme residence that is popular with students interested in community service, the environment and the outdoors.


The Willamette International Studies House celebrates the excitement of international cultures in regular activities.

York HouseYork House

York House provides a small, close-knit community. York House has the largest number of single rooms on campus.