Residential Services

3.6 Entry of Rooms/Suites/Apartments

It is the University's policy to respect your right to maximum privacy in your room/suite/ apartment. When possible, notice is given prior to entering your room/suite/apartment for routine maintenance and inspection. You will not reasonably withhold consent to Willamette University or its designee to enter your room/suite/apartment/residence in order to inspect the premises or make reasonable or agreed-upon repairs or improvements or treat for pests. University personnel and their authorized designee(s) may enter your room/suite/apartment without notice for an emergency, maintenance work, fire safety inspections (conducted at least twice a year), fire drills, ensuring compliance with health standards, or if there is reasonable cause to believe there have been violations of University policy, state or federal law. A note should be left if your room/suite/apartment has been entered. Your room/suite/apartment may be entered during semester and spring breaks without prior notice by University personnel when they are conducting building inspections and doing maintenance work.

Your signature on your contract/lease authorizes Facilities Management (maintenance), Facilities Services (housekeeping/custodial) and WITS staff members to enter your room/suite/apartment to complete any work order that you submit.