Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 1999

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Torry Bend

"Silk Constructions of Femininity Based on Female Forms of Botticelli, Michelangelo, Correggio and Titian"
Sponsor: Christopher Harris; Robert Hess, Theater; Art

Cathy Brown

Happy Feet: Enhancing Balance and Agility in Older Individuals Through Tap Dance Training
Sponsor: Peter Harmer, Exercise Science

Lyn Delmastro

The Palace of Versailles: A Place of Memory in the French National Consciousness
Sponsor: William Duvall, History

Eben Dickinson

The Harmony and Discord Between Lithography and Etching: A Visual Research Project Through the Creation of Two Print Series
Sponsor: James Thompson, Art

Katherine L. Fraser

"Exploring the Political Ramifications of Urbanization"
David McCreery, Religious Studies

Deborah Ann Kermer

An Investigation into the Perceived Quality of Classroom Materials"
Sponsor: James Friedrich, Psychology

Vi Ly

Hainan Island: A Study of Gender Relations from the Periphery of the Communist Revolution in China"
Sponsor: Paul Howard, History

Michael Osland

A Comparison of Rocky Intertidal Species Diversity in Oregon and Panama"
Sponsor: John Koprowski, Biology

Matthew Reudink

"Investigation of Simian Retro viruses: Addressing the Safety of Xenotransplants
Sponsor: Richard Grant,

Warren J. L. Wood

Chemical Analysis of Middle Bronze and Iron Age Ceramic Vessels from Tell Nimrin (Jordan) and Tell Qarqur (Syria)
Sponsor: Scott Hawke; David McCreery, Biology; Religious Studies