Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 2005

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Darrell McGie

“Hydrogen from Wastewater: Oregon's Alternative Energy?”

Sponsor: Karen Arabas, Environmental Science

Alexis Walker

“Frederick Douglass' Tour of the British Isles”

Sponsor: Richard Ellis, Politics

Matthew Iverson

“Humanity Distilled into Sounds: Creating an Album of Original Compositions”
Michael Nord, Music

Megan Flora

“Lessons Unlearned: An Analysis of Smoking and Socioeconomic Status in Ecuador”

Sponsor: Peter Harmer, Exercise Science

Timothy Stumhofer

“Smart Growth in Post-Measure 37 Oregon: Urban Transportation Policy in a Time of Changing Land-Use”

Sponsor: Laura Leete, Public Policy Research Center

Caitlin Letts

“A Field Guide to the Birds of Washington Park”

Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Yen Tran

“Contemporary Vietnamese Artist Nguyen Chau Giang and her Focus on Modern Vietnamese Women”

Sponsor: Kevin Greenwood, Art

Melenie Duval

“Case Number 016441: A Narrative Analysis of a Condemned Father's Plea”

Sponsor: Jeanne Clark, Rhetoric & Media Studies

Andrew Thomson

“The Edge of an Empire: Excavating Archaeological Remains of Roman Occupation in Jordan”

Sponsor: David McCreery, Religious Studies

Katherine Ervine

“A Walking Tour of Everett, Washington”

Sponsor: Seth Cotlar, History