Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 2007

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Shannon Buckley

Using Birds as Indicators of Restoration Success in the Deer Creek Watershed
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Kyle Evans-Lee

Turbulence, Fluid, and Navier-Stokes
Sponsor: Johnner Barrett, Mathematics

Diana Haughton and Natalie Schultz

Knowledge is the Preface of Peace
Sponsor: Wayne Gregory, TIUA

Lindsey Hoverson

The Effect of Ionic Mercury on the Photosynthetic Rate of /Arabidopsis thaliana/
Sponsor: Gary Tallman, Biology

Emily Johnson

Inequalities within the Women's Healthcare Delivery System in France
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Trudi Kahler

Handling the Heat: Exploration of Enameling
Sponsor: Michael Boonstra, Art

Emily Maxwell

A Study of Synethesia: The Effects of Color on Memory
Sponsor: Mark Stewart, Psychology

Melissa Ostermick

Specificity of Vocalizations in the American Crow
Sponsor: David Craig, Biology

Natalie Sashkin

Stimulating Neuroplasticity: The Effects of Enriched Environmental Conditions on Dopaminergic Neurogenesis in the Substantia Nigra of a Mouse Model of Parkinson's Disease
Sponsor: Charles Meshul, OHSU
(on campus: Barbara Stebbins-Boaz, Biology)

Emily Standen

No News of Boz: An Introspective Exploration of American Ways
Sponsor: April Overstreet, Spanish

Danielle Stevens

Ho Brodda: Investigating Hawaii's Hodgepodge of Linguistic Identities
Sponsor: Amadou Fofana, French

Lukas Strandberg

Erosion Control on America's Mountain
Sponsor: Eric Billmeyer, Rocky Mountain Field Institute
(on campus: Scott Pike, Environmental and Earth Science)

Brittany Thiemens

VO2max Testing in Swimmers: Non-Sport Specific Monark® Arm Crank vs. Sport-Specific Vasa® Ergonometer
Sponsor: Stas Stavrianeas, Exercise Science

Nicholas Woolsey

Japan and the Lost Songs of World War Two
Sponsor: Miho Fujiwara, Japanese and Chinese