Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 2008

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Alissa Alexander

D.E. May: The Artist as an Archivist
Sponsor: Roger Hull, Art

Rebecca Demarest

Granddaddy: Research and Meditation on 15 Pages of Letters
Sponsor: Gretchen Flesher Moon, English

Katlyn Giombolini

Sustaining the Local Food Movement: Farmers in the Willamette Valley
Sponsor: Kimberlee Chambers, Earth and Environmental Science

Holly Janka

Medieval Pilgrimage: Art as a Manifestation of Christian Spirituality
Sponsor: Wendy Peterson Boring, History

Sarah Kutten

Ghana's New Bonding Measures: Is Nursing a Ticket Out?
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Andrew Lackman

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Green vs. Gray Infrastructure
Sponsor: Don Negri, Economics

Acacia McGuire

Identifiable Victim Effect
Sponsor: James Friedrich, Psychology

Stacy Michaelson

Examining the Relationship of Farm Women to Feminism: A Case Study of Southern Oregon
Sponsor: Melissa Buis-Michaux, Politics

John Michael Miller

The "Unknowable" Policy Guide: A Critical Assessment of Natural Rate Theory and Application by the Federal Reserve
Sponsor: Jerry Gray, Economics

Laura Westmeyer

Working the Land: The Future of Argentine Cattle Ranchers and the Land Upon Which They Graze
Sponsor: Kimberlee Chambers, Earth and Environmental Science