Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 2009

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Alyssa Anderson

Hallbwachs, Robben Island, and the Race Card: Reclaiming the Past of the Rainbow Nation
Sponsor: Catherine Collins, Rhetoric and Media Studies

Dan Bullard

The Art of Vinyl: Analog Music in a Digital Age
Sponsor: Julian Snow, Music

Ben Clanton

Exploring Imagination and the Act of Storytelling: Creating a Children’s Picture Book
Sponsor: Jeanne Clark, Rhetoric and Media Studies

Megan Delph

’Por la Patria’: Arguments of the 2008 Ecuadorian Constitution
Sponsor: John Uggen, Spanish

Lindsey Falkenburg

How Oaxacan Families Cope with Economic Depression
Sponsor: Peter Wogan, Anthropology

Paxton Gehling

Mehldau to Maqam: Modern Jaz and Middle Eastern Classical Music
Sponsor: Mike Nord, Music

Tyler Hoecker and Justin Olnes

Why did the Grizzly Bear Cross the Road?: A Study of Ursus arctos and the Ecology of Roads in the Muskwa-Ketchika, British Columbia
Sponsor: Jennifer Johns, Biology

Stina Janssen

Body Talk: (De) Constructing a Narrative of Body Image in U.S. West Coast Young Women
Sponsor: Jade Aguilar, Sociology, and Leslie Dunlap, History

Korina Keaton

Man vs. Wild
Sponsor: Alexandra Opie, Art

Rachel Sabin

Old Originals: A Modern Recontextualization of Master Oil Paintings
Sponsor: Heidi Grew, Art

Tom Salina

The Contemporary Carnival Grotesque
Sponsor: Stanislav Vysotsky, Sociology