Student Academic Grants and Awards

Carson Scholarship: 2013

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Jennifer Allaway

Women, Video Games, and the Industry: Time to Change
Sponsor: Stainslav Vysotsky, Sociology

Noor Amr

Sexual Assault, Social Justice, and Islam: How the Egyptian Revolution Created a New Generation of Feminist Student Activism
Sponsor: Megan Ybarra, Women's and Gender Studies, Politics, and Latin American Studies

Dylan Angell

The Nature of V829 Aquila: Revisiting an Understudied Delta Scuti Star
Sponsor: Richard Watkins, Physics

Theresa Barosh

Distribution and Development of a Recently Discovered Insect
Sponsor: Susan Kephart, Biology

Dana Crosby

The Neuroscience of Beauty
Sponsor: Jeremy Miller, Psychology

Kyle Davey

A Comparison of Increases in REE in Response to HIIT and Steady State Aerobic Training
Sponsor: Michael Lockard, Exercise Science

Mariah Grubb

Examining the Efficacy of Volunteer Tourism
Sponsor: Joyce Millen, Anthropology

Jay Howard

Investigating the Regulatory Role of Calcium in Rat Myosin 1b Activity
Sponsor: David Altman, Physics

Jordis Miller

Looking from the Outside In: An Evaluation of the Roles of the Artists in the Art Brut Movement
Sponsor: William Duvall, History

Christian Oldham

Myst Gets in My Eyes
Sponsor: Ricardo De Mambro Santos, Art History

Joellen Sweeney

Ghost Variations: A Theatrical Exploration of the Lives of Robert and Clara Schumann
Sponsor: Jonathan Cole, Theater

James Volz

Sound of the City
Sponsor: Michael Chasar, English

Connor Yoste

A New Model for Algorithmically Improvised Jazz
Sponsor: Robert Keller, Harvey Mudd College, Computer Science