Scheduling, Events and Conferences

Alcohol Request Submission

Thank You for submitting your request for Alcohol Use to the Scheduling, Events and Conferences office. You should receive an email confirming your submission shortly.

According to the University Alcohol Policy, when alcohol is to be served in any University approved facility, the Alcohol Request Form must be submitted online twelve (12) working days prior to the event for final approval by the University Events Committee.  If your activity is taking place in less than twelve (12) working days, please contact Kathleen Kellay, Director of Scheduling, Events, & Conferences <>  for special consideration.

Please also note: A request for Alcohol Service at an event does not constitute a request or confirmation for the desired location. You may find the event appropriate Scheduling Request Form for your completion here.

Next Steps:

Once you receive a determination on your Alcohol Request please be sure to confirm your event location and details, including but not limited to the status of your room reservation, your seating table needs, audio or video equipment requirements, and catering order.  Additionally, you may want to add your event to the Advertised Events Calendar!

The Scheduling, Events and Conferences office will be able to respond to your inquries and may be reached directly at 503-375-5442 or at <>