Writing Center

Consulting Services

What to expect in a consulting session

A consulting session is a face-to-face, one-on-one meeting between a writer and a writing consultant to talk about a writing project--anything from a World Views paper to a senior thesis. Sessions usually last about three-quarters of an hour (sessions on major projects may take longer). Writers can be consulted on all types of work, from science projects to free-verse poetry, and consulting can occur at any stage of the writing process--before the pen even hits the page or after the work has been graded and returned.

Don't worry, we are not going to "tear apart" your paper. We are outside readers who will let you discuss the issues you want to discuss, give you feedback to focus you on the project, teach you techniques that can make you a better reviser, and ask you direct questions that will challenge you to think about your project. We are friendly and constructive in our criticisms, and we will not hesitate to point out what is good about your writing.

How to make an appointment

Although consulting is often available on a drop-in basis, making an appointment ensures that a consultant will be available to meet with you. During peak times, such as World Views deadlines, midterms, and finals, we suggest scheduling appointments several days in advance. Appointments can also be made with specific consultants at their scheduled times. To make an appointment, just call the Writing Center (370-6959) or drop by.

What to bring to a consulting session

You don't need to bring much to an appointment at the Writing Center. Just bring your writing project to date (which may be only notes or ideas), a pen or pencil, and an open mind. Also, please think about what you especially hope to accomplish in the session so we know where to focus. If your project is for a class, try to bring the assignment; that way, we know exactly what you've been asked to do. Likewise, if it's for an application, try to bring the form or instructions.