Threat Assessment Training for Student and Community Threats

A Comprehensive System for Threat Management in the Community, K-12 Schools and College Campuses

November 6-8, 2018
Montag Center in Baxter Hall, 
Willamette University, Salem, Oregon 97301

For over a decade, the Willamette Valley Adult Threat Advisory Team and the Mid-Valley Student Threat Assessment Team have been well-functioning entities focused on the threat of violent behavior.  Built from a collaborative, multi-agency structure, both teams operate a regional system that serves school districts, higher education institutions and the community.  Over the years, the teams have developed an annual training for new members but have also offered their training expertise to other professionals interested in developing threat assessment systems or sharpening their assessment skills.  The training now takes place over a three-day time frame, beginning with participation in the Adult Threat Advisory Team meeting on Tuesday morning and ending with participation in the Student Threat Assessment Team meeting on Thursday afternoon.  Throughout the course, a multidisciplinary team (education, law-enforcement, mental health, campus security, Court staff, and parole and probation) will present the following:

  • The basics of threat assessment including a survey of the research that addresses aggression and threat assessment as well as the recommendations of field experts and practitioners.
  • The application of the research and recommendations into the use of higher education, K-12 and community threat assessment protocols.
  • Training on the steps and developmental procedures necessary to implement a successful multidisciplinary, multi-agency threat assessment and management system on higher education campuses, in K-12 school districts and within the community.
  • Multiple threat assessment labs and audience participation exercises.

The cost is $475 for all three days, and includes the book, beverages, continental breakfast and lunch.

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