Graduate School of Education


The Graduate School of Education is dedicated to excellence in teacher education enhanced by collegial student-faculty relationships. We are fully accredited by The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). The hallmarks of teacher education at Willamette University include: developing an interactive, experiential approach to teaching and learning, emphasizing teachers as collaborative educational leaders, gaining insight into reflective practice and classroom research, understanding multicultural and global education, demonstrating accountability to student learning, and viewing teaching as an inquiry process.

Teaching has never been a more exciting field; it represents myriad opportunities for playing a defining role in developing the future of a socially just and democratic nation. There is nothing more important than providing all learners the opportunity to succeed in their communities and beyond. At the Graduate School of Education, we strive to develop strong partnerships with Oregon schools while nurturing an awareness of the diverse needs of learners both nationally and globally. Our master's degree programs and endorsements offer a wide variety of choices in candidate interest and emphasis, thus contributing to our commitment to quality in teacher education and leadership.

Our program is different

The critical areas of professional preparation that distinguish Willamette Education graduates include:

  • pedagogical content knowledge and dispositions
  • knowledge of student context
  • use of technology to enhance teaching and learning
  • supervised practice in a variety of clinical settings, commitment to self-assessment and reflection
  • knowledge of and appreciation for the diversity of learners

We are proud of our faculty, our staff, and our candidates.