Graduate School of Education

Special Education Endorsement Program

The Graduate School of Education will discontinue offering degree, licensing and endorsement programs at the end of the 2013-14 academic year. We are no longer accepting applications for admission to the Special Education Endorsement Program. Please contact us for more information.

Program Description

The Special Education (SPED) Endorsement Program consists of graduate-level credits, which are taken over 14 months (starting one summer and going through the following summer). This program is a cohort program for current educators, and there is an application process which is best completed by February 1 prior to the summer the educator wishes to begin the program.

The full SPED program has four weeks scheduled during the two summers.

Candidates in the 10-month and 18-month MAT programs may earn a Special Education (SPED) Endorsement as well. To qualify for the SPED endorsement program, a candidate must have experience in a SPED environment. Full-time MAT candidates will begin the summer before the start of the full-time MAT program. Candidates will complete all courses by the end of the summer term following MAT graduation.