2014 Candidates

Master of Arts in Teaching / Master of Education

Spring 2014 Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) graduates are excellent prospects for teaching positions. These candidates qualified for the MAT degree and the Oregon Initial Teaching License after successfully completing the program in June 2014. Our program mission is to prepare teachers as educational leaders who are student-centered, collaborative and sensitive to issues of diversity and culture. You will find highly qualified teaching candidates for authorization levels in Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and High School included in this website. Authorizations and endorsements are listed for each candidate.

Also listed on this site are highly qualified Master of Education graduates and PhD educators newly endorsed in ESOL through Willamette's Graduate School of Education.

Please feel free to contact our candidates or their supervisors if you have questions.

For more information about the MAT program or Willamette's Graduate School of Education, please explore our website. You can contact the Graduate School of Education at 503-370-6343 or 503-375-5453 or send an email requesting details to

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