Matt Bilder

Master of Arts in Teaching

Matt Bilder


Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education


Multiple Subjects

Endorsements (pending)


Teaching Strengths

  • One of my main teaching strengths is the ability to form relationships with the students. It has always felt natural to form a relationship with any person, but it has always been a little easier with kids.
  • I think my classroom management is another strength. By building a relationship with every student, a mutual respect forms between us. This makes managing a classroom much easier.
  • The last thing I want to touch on is my willingness to collaborate with colleagues. I have found that many minds are greater than one. Many classroom issues are solved in a more productive way when collaboration is involved.


  • Oregon State University, BA June 2011 (human development and family sciences with an option in early childhood education)
  • Willamette University, MAT June 2012

Teacher Research Topic

My teacher research project for this term is looking at positive peer interactions. The question I am researching is, “How can I create opportunities for positive peer interactions?” More specifically, “How can I create opportunities for positive peer interactions through classroom activities, group projects, and partner work?”


Student Teaching

  • Pringle Elementary School, Salem, Oregon, gr. 3

Practicum Teaching

  • Highland Elementary School, Salem-Keizer School District, grades 1 & 2, ELL classroom, 10-lesson science unit on spiders/insects

Other Classroom and Youth Experience

  • Volunteer, Hucrest Elementary (Roseburg School District): winter break 2008, 5th grade classroom; September 2009 fifth grade classroom; September 2010, fourth/fifth split and 5th grade classrooms
  • Practicum teacher, Creative Children’s Learning Center, Corvallis, Oregon, kindergarten class, 2010
  • Student teacher, Head Start (Oregon State University), preschool, 2010. Developed curriculum and ran class for one week.


Student Teaching Supervisor

Practicum Supervisor

University Supervisor