Jan Colley

Master of Arts in Teaching

Jan Colley


Middle School Education, High School Education


Language Arts, Multiple Subjects

Endorsements (pending)

Social Studies

Fall 2011 Work Sample

Teaching Strengths

  • Maintaining a positive attitude: Being positive and enthusiastic is infectious and shows my students that I care about them and teaching. This has also helped me in various team environments.
  • Valuing collaboration: I have a lot of experience being in diverse team settings. I have learned that listening, having an open mind, and knowing how to effectively communicate to a unique set of individuals are important aspects of efficient and cooperative environments.
  • Passion for continual learning: I will be constantly building my own knowledge outside my class as well as soaking in the knowledge I will be receiving from my students.
  • Highly Qualified in language arts: Besides passing the appropriate tests, I also majored in literature and have experience outside of education with writing, including publishing, editing, and writing workshops.
  • Ability to be flexible: While managing shifts at Starbucks, I was constantly having to be creative and think fast. This will be helpful when there is an interruption in my class.


  • University of Oregon, BA 2008 (literature, with creative writing emphasis)
  • U of O Kidd Tutorial Program (1-year course in creative writing, intellectual inquiry, and craft-based research concluding in a portfolio of essays and short stories)
  • Willamette University, MAT

Teacher Research Topic

How can I give my students more purpose in class? And, by knowing the purpose for lessons and assignments, will my students put more effort and thought into their work and participation? My goal is to encourage deeper student engagement, enjoyment, and effort through purpose focused assignments. I am exploring my inquiry through clear daily objective, audience awareness, clear expectations, individual conferences, and student choice.


Student Teaching

  • North Albany Middle School, 7th grade language arts block and 6th–8th grade creative writing elective

Practicum Teaching

  • McKay High School, 9th grade English: expository writing, reading nonfiction, and poetry


Student Teaching Supervisor

Practicum Supervisor

  • Dan Larsen, McKay High School, Salem, Oregon

University Supervisor