Andrew Dakopolos

Master of Arts in Teaching

Andrew Dakopolos


High School Education


Language Arts

Endorsements (pending)

Basic Mathematics, Special Education

Spring 2012 Class Website

Teaching Strengths

  • I set high expectations for my students
  • I am very consistent in my academic and behavioral expectations
  • I am confident in my classroom management techniques
  • I am personable, compassionate and approachable
  • I value cooperation and teamwork
  • I value mutual respect with my students and colleagues
  • I see the value of humor


  • Occidental College, BA 2009 (diplomacy and world affairs)
  • Willamette University, MAT

Teacher Research Topic

I am looking at the post high school transition process for students on IEP’s. Specifically, I am identifying post-secondary educational opportunities for special education students on a regional and national scale. In addition I am determining student, parent and teacher awareness of such programs as they relate to post-high school transition services.


Student Teaching

  • McKay High School, Salem, Oregon

Practicum Teaching

  • Houck Middle School, Salem, Oregon

Other Classroom / Youth Experience:

  • Special education teacher/instructional assistant (high school math and art), Westview School, Los Angeles, California
  • Special education instructional assistant, Salem-Keizer Public Schools, Salem, Oregon, EGC (emotional growth) classroom, 1st and 2nd grade students
  • Private tutor, Los Angeles, California, 9-year-old dyslexic and ADHD boy, tutored in reading, math and spelling
  • Swim instructor, Willamette University, Salem, Oregon, individualized curriculum for children ages 4-10


Student Teaching Supervisor

  • Leif McElliott, McKay High School, Salem, Oregon

Practicum Supervisor

  • Stephanie Hughes, Houck Middle School, Salem, Oregon

University Supervisor