Michiel Nankman

Master of Arts in Teaching

Michiel Nankman


Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education


Multiple Subjects

Endorsements (pending)

Special Education

Teaching Strengths

  • I am very calm and not easily stressed.
  • I am highly interested in using technology to enhance my teaching and my students’ learning.
  • I am a good communicator and function well in groups.
  • My experience with different cultures helps me understand what students struggle with in school and helps me differentiate instruction for them.


  • Hanzehogeschool Groningen, BC, The Netherlands 2003 (bachelor of commerce)
  • Willamette University, MAT


Student Teaching

  • Eugene Field Elementary School, Silverton, Oregon, 3rd grade

Practicum Teaching

  • Mark Twain Middle School, Silverton, Oregon, special education practicum, 6th grade (earth science unit)

Other Classroom / Educational experience

  • Special programs instructional assistant, Community Transition Program, Keizer, Oregon (high behavior students ages 18-21)
  • I lived and worked in Innisfree Village, a community for adults with mental disabilities (3 years)


Student Teaching Supervisors

  • Mrs. Tina Howell, Eugene Field Elementary School, Silverton, Oregon
  • Jodie Mitchell (SPED), Eugene Field Elementary School

Practicum Supervisor

  • Mrs. Cindi Schmitz, Robert Frost Elementary School, Silverton, Oregon

University Supervisor