Stacey Stoudenmeyer

Master of Arts in Teaching

Stacey Stoudenmeyer


Middle School Education, High School Education


Art, Multiple Subjects

Drawing I Class Website | Drawing II/Painting I Class Website

Teaching Strengths

  • Successfully apply technology into the art classroom
  • Expose students to a number of artists with various cultural backgrounds
  • Always prepared in advance for classes
  • A well-rounded individual (see CV for various jobs. Transcripts will show class majors and lists.)


  • Chemeketa Community College 2007 (general associates/transfer)
  • Oregon State University, BS 2010 (fine art / minor in art history)
  • Willamette University, MAT

Teacher Research Topic

Throughout my classroom observations this year, I have seen numerous rubrics used for project grading. For the most part, I have witnessed grades being given based on teacher discretion, not the formulated rubric. So why do these teachers use rubrics? What are rubrics and who are they really for? I am implementing a questionnaire and test to students and teachers to find the answers behind my questions.


Student Teaching Winter/Spring 2012

  • South Salem High School, Salem, Oregon, drawing one, painting one and drawing two, 9th-12th graders

Practicum Teaching Fall 2011

  • Judson Middle School, Salem, Oregon, painting one, 7th and 8th graders

Other Classroom / Youth Experience:

  • Volunteer: Boys and Girls Club annual Christmas party for homeless or low income children (2010)
  • Avid tutor: Whiteaker Middle School, Salem, Oregon (2009-2011)
  • Soccer coach, YMCA kinder soccer program (2010 Season)
  • Volunteer: after school art program, Grant Elementary School (though YMCA), K-8th grade, green crafts and yarn crafts.
  • US Warp Tour: merchandise sales to youth, 2009 Volunteer
  • Disney World Merchandising internship: 2006. Worked in downtown Disney, in Orlando Florida.
  • Enchanted Forest, Salem, Oregon, supervisor and children’s theater actress (summers 2001-2007)


Student Teaching Supervisor

Practicum Supervisor

University Supervisor