Elizabeth Ensminger

Master of Arts in Teaching

Elizabeth Ensminger


Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education


Multiple Subjects

Endorsements (pending)

Special Education (K-12)

Curriculum Vitae | Work Sample: 1st Grade Science

Teaching Strengths

  • Leadership ability and experience that foster positive work and learning environments for teacher's aids, students and administration. I have supported individuals as a Life Coach, am perceptive and aware of needs, and coordinate with others to promote a supportive team.
  • Differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners at various identified levels of instruction. Focusing on learners goals and objectives while integrating the common core curriculum.
  • Organization to implement effective communication, planning and coordination among all team members, including parents, students, administration and health care providers.
  • Problem solving in respectful, responsive ways while quickly evaluating situations and potential challenges. Recognizing different perspectives and needs in situations allowing me to validate the experiences of everyone while planning and executing a solution.


  • Willamette University, MAT - 2014 (Early Childhood/Elementary Education K-6; SPED K-12)
  • Portland State University, BS - 2010


Student Teaching

  • Lee Elementary, Salem, Oregon, 3-5, DLC, Self-Contained SPED

Practicum Teaching

  • Judson Middle School, Salem, Oregon, 6-8, ERC, Self-Contained SPED

Other Classroom/Youth

  • Practicum Teaching: Battle Creek Elementary, Location: Salem, Oregon, Grade(s): 1st, Science


Student Teaching Supervisor

  • Emily Pearson, Judson Middle School, Salem, Oregon
  • Shelley Kennan, Lee Elementary, Salem, Oregon
  • Melinda Rodin, Pringle Elementary, Salem, Oregon

Practicum Supervisor

  • Corey Kadaja, Battle Creek Elementary, Salem, Oregon
  • Cynthia Tuttle, Battle Creek Elementary, Salem, Oregon

University Supervisors