Graduate School of Education

Global Teaching Fellows Program

The Global Teaching Fellow (GTF) teaches English language courses in the curriculum of the Global Teaching Institute (GTI) of Tokyo International University (TIU).  TIU has campuses in Kawagoe (Saitama) and Tokyo, Japan.

Those selected for the GTF positions will be graduates of the Willamette University Graduate School of Education (GSE) MAT program, with preference given to those who have enrolled in, or completed, the ESOL endorsement as part of their graduate studies.

The GTF will be contracted for 2 years to teach at TIU, with the possibility of renewal for 2 additional years.  The TIU academic year begins in April.  The GTF will report to TIU in March, with the first group arriving in 2013.  TIU plans to contract with 10 GTF's in the first contract cycle (2013-2015), and TIU is planning to hire 5 more each year for the next 3-4 years, with the end goal of having a group of about 20 constantly at TIU.

The GTF's will be contracted soon after graduation (Summer) in order to participate in a paid, customized preparatory program coordinated by the WU GSE, TIUA, and TIU so they can acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in their teaching assignments at TIU.  This may involve a 10-day immersion experience at TIU after graduation in June, courses and workshops during the summer and fall, and supervised teaching and tutoring experience in the fall semester of the American Studies Program at Willamette/TIUA.  The monthly stipend for this preparatory period will be competitive with the salaries offered to recent MAT graduates in local area school districts.

The GTF will be a meaningful professional development opportunity for MAT graduates, and it will be attractive to CLA students who have interest in language learning/teaching, education, Asian Studies, Japanese Studies, or International Studies, and in the possibility of teaching English in Japan.  It is expected that we will be able to identify potential Fellows early in their CLA academic careers, and they will have multiple opportunities to get involved in the American Studies Program (ASP) at Willamette University/TIUA as well as in other aspects of the TIU-WU-TIUA exchange.  Examples of ways CLA students could get involved:  tutor, international peer coach, international program assistant, summer community associate, Japanese Studies Student Leadership (JSSL), being a roommate of an ASP student, taking courses in the Japanese and Asian Studies departments, studying abroad (ex: Japan Studies Program at TIU), and taking undergraduate courses in preparation for entering the MAT program (EDUC 305-350). 

It is expected that students with these educational and career goals will be able to engage in TIU-WU-TIUA academic and co-curricular exchange activities throughout their CLA & MAT experiences, and this will provide multiple opportunities for them to prepare to apply to be a Global Teaching Fellow, pending completion of the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree.

For Information, Contact:

Gunnar Gundersen, Executive Vice President, Tokyo International University of America, 

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