Oregon Writing Project

Advisory Board Bylaws

Oregon Writing Project


Membership shall consist of no more than 15 members, including officers, which will be distributed in a balanced fashion across grade levels. Members will include:

Program Site Director/Co-Directors Educational Technology Liaison
Summer Institute Co-directors In-service Coordinator
Advanced Institute Co-directors Teacher Research Coordinator
Young Writers Project Director Willamette University Faculty Member
Newsletter Editor Project Alumni (2) to rotate through 3 yr terms

As openings arise, invitations will be extended to fill vacancies.


These three officers serve one-year terms, renewable indefinitely. Their duties are as follows:

  1. Chair: convenes and conducts meetings, sets agendas with input from the leadership team, oversees elections.
  2. Secretary: takes minutes, distributes governance council meeting and activity notices.
  3. Communications: oversee public relations and Institute recruitment, includes coordination of brochures

A budget officer is appointed by the director to oversee financial records and prepare and submit annual budget reports as required by NWP. The site budget officer must be a Willamette University faculty member. The site also has an administrative assistant, who will help manage the budget, deposit monies, and pay expenses as directed.

Ad Hoc Committees

Aside from the Summer Institute, project proposals will generally be brought in writing to the Governance Board, which will approve proposals by consensus. Approval of the project will empower a subcommittee to carry out the project.


Changes in organizational structure proposed for the Governance Board are to be submitted for approval at a meeting. A majority vote of the membership is necessary to approve any changes.

Decision Making Principles

The Governance Board will use open dialogue and group consensus when making decisions regarding the project site.

Questions for discussion

  1. Is this proposal consistent with the National Writing Project and its goals?
  2. How does this proposal relate to the true vision and mission of the writing project?
  3. Is this proposal logistically possible to successfully undertake at this time?

Tentative Project Calendar: (The Governance Board will meet a minimum of 3 times per year.)


(Sept., Oct., Nov.)
  • Summer Institute Follow-Up Day.
  • State-wide In-service.
  • New program proposals considered.
  • Newsletter published.
  • Governance Brd. Mtg. (Focus: propose projects for the new budget year; propose project funding, National Conference attendance, debrief and assess previous years' projects.)


(Dec., Jan., Feb.)
  • Program dates and formats defined.
  • Printing of new brochure inserts.
  • Newsletter published.
  • Governance Brd. Mtg. (Focus: recruitment for the Summer Institute and other Institutes, follow up on approved project plans, Washington D.C. trip attendance.)


(March, April, May)
  • Program dates and formats confirmed.
  • Summer Institute applications due/Interviews.
  • Summer Institute Orientation Day.
  • Newsletter published.
  • Governance Brd. Mtg. (Focus: elections, new Board membership, and workshop session proposals for the National Meeting.)


(June, July, August)
  • Summer Institute.
  • Advanced Institute.
  • Young Writer's Project.
  • OWP@WU Birthday Writing Marathon.
  • Newsletter published.
  • Payment of stipends.