Oregon Writing Project

What Educators Say About OWP Programs...

This was BY FAR the best inservice EVER! Learned a lot and it was enjoyable. Thanks so much.

I so enjoyed this workshop so many times we sit here and it really does not apply. However, this day was great! Therefore, my heart thanks you.

Thank you! This was a real boost in my skills in teaching writing.

I love these ideas and can’t wait to learn more.

My students have become more excited about writing. We can skip math, but we can't skip writing, because they enjoy it. The results are that last year I had four students pass the state writing test and this year I had 14 students pass!

A result of this inservice class for me personally is that I have learned to enjoy writing more, because I write with the students more and I share my ideas as well as them sharing their ideas. We are more relaxed about writing in my class. We also have found that we are in this writing class together as a team.

Thank you. I am so excited! What great ideas. I have a plan for the rest of the year. Hands-on!!!

I love the ideas - things to get me going in thinking more creatively. Very useful!

This class had four awesome instructors that clearly knew how to get the reluctant writer to write.

I am looking forward to school starting so I can introduce some of what I have learned to the young writers and my colleagues.

This class had so many examples of best practices.

I so enjoyed the writing we did this week, so I fully intend to write; right along with my students.

I have gained so many good ideas to share with the teachers in my building.

As a writer, I felt empowered this week. I learned new skills to enhance my teaching.

Thanks to this seminar I have a unit planned..., have gained valuable teaching skills, and have made great friends.

This is a worth while class and I have projects I can really use next year.

I feel ten times better about teaching writing in my classroom, and now I have the theory and experience to back up my ideas.

So many really good ideas - best practices.

You are all so very supportive. You made it safe to take a risk. You've been a wealth of solid information.

It has been lovely and I will be bringing to my classroom in the fall many ideas and practices.

It is incredibly powerful to leave a learning experience with a tangible product, designed yourself so you know you'll use it, with all the bits and pieces already compiled and ready to roll when school resumes.