Fall 2016 Interviewing Program Registration

Employers should hear back from the Placement Office within a week whether the date you chose is available. If you are only requesting student resumes be sent, please fill out all information EXCEPT the "Reservation Request for On Campus Interview." If you have any questions, please contact Bev Ecklund, Placement Office Coordinator, (503) 370-6057.

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Reservation Request for On Campus Interview
Please skip this section if you are not coming to campus to interview, but still wish to receive resumes. On Campus Interviewing dates are August 15th & 16th for Portland employers and August 17th & 18th for all other employers. We are able to accommodate dates outside of this week as needed.



Mark with * if Willamette alumni.

Additional Information if Receiving Resumes Only
Please fill out this section if you are not coming to campus but still wish to collect resumes.



Willamette University opposes discrimination in the recruitment and hiring of students and graduates based on sex, race, age, marital status, physical disabilities, sexual orientation, religion, or national and ethnic origin. The University will not allow its facilities or services to be used by an organization that practices unlawful discrimination or whose employment practices violate the University's equal opportunity policy.

In the case of employers who follow policies of legal discrimination but who do not practice a policy of equal opportunity, the University will permit employer information to be made available to assist students in making choices and contacting potential employers but will not permit on-campus interviews.

Any complaints concerning practices by employers during the recruitment and hiring process that are inconsistent with the terms of this policy should be reported to the Dean of the appropriate graduate school of the University or the Vice President of Student Affairs for the College of Liberal Arts who will investigate by following a procedure developed within each school.

Your willingness to comply with our Non-Discrimination Policy is indicated by your submission of this online form.