Willamette's Reciprocity Policy

The Placement Office at Willamette University College of Law is happy to assist students and alumni of other law schools with their job search in Oregon.

  • We make our services and resources available to all students and graduates of other ABA accredited law schools that permit our students and graduates the same access.
  • In the case of online reciprocity, WUCL uses the Symplicity job posting system and will allow access to reciprocity students whose law school will grant similar online access to our students or graduates.
  • The duration of the request mirrors the length honored by the requesting school, but will not exceed three months from the date of the original request. Renewal of a reciprocity request will be considered as a new, first time request and will count as an additional individual’s use of the office for the requesting school.
  • In the case of schools which permit reciprocity only on a one-to-one basis, we will grant reciprocity only if the requesting law school waives such requirement for a Willamette Law student or graduate.
  • Students and graduates of other law schools must have their Career Center submit a request for reciprocity and a letter of introduction one week prior to an on-site visit. Absolutely no walk-in requests will be honored. The letter or email request must include the name and email address of the student or graduate. Students and graduates using our office on-site are required to identify themselves as students or graduates who have been granted reciprocity.
  • When responding to career opportunities found through the Placement Office at Willamette University College of Law, applicants are required to state in their cover letters to employers that they obtained the listing through a reciprocal agreement between the applicant’s school and Willamette University College of Law.

The Placement Office reserves the right to deny reciprocity to individuals who misuse our facilities or do not comply with university policies.

Reciprocity requests should be directed to:

Bev Ecklund
Placement Office Coordinator
(503) 370-6057