Work Groups: 1999-2001

Judgments: 2001 Legislative Session

The Judgments/Garnishment Work Group focused on garnishment revision during the 2001 session. During the interim the Work Group submitted a report entitled Garnishment Revision Overview along with HB 2386 to the Oregon Law Commission. The Commission adopted the report in November 2000. HB 2386 successfully advanced through the legislature and was signed into law by the Governor. See 2001 Or. Laws 249, now codified at ORS 18.600 -- 18.905 (2001). The bill represented a comprehensive rewrite of garnishment procedures and forms. The bill was intended to simplify and clarify the garnishment process; the Work Group strived not to substantively change existing garnishment law. The bill consolidated the four existing writ forms into a single form, the two forms for writs of continuing garnishment were eliminated, and the two existing forms for "snapshot" writs were consolidated into a single form.