1. The name of this organization shall be the Jewish Law Society.


  1. Section 1: The purpose of this organization shall be:
    1. to engage in projects and programs which the membership considers to be in the interest of the Jewish community;
    2. to aid in the academic development of its members and the community; and
    3. to promote a Jewish community on the law school campus.
  2. Section 2: This organization shall not be affiliated with any national organization which requires its chapters to support a specific position in controversial religious, political, economic, or social issues.

ARTICLE III: Qualifications for Membership

  1. Section 1: Any person who is registered as a law student at the Willamette University College of Law may be a member of the Jewish Law Society.
  2. Section 2: Membership will be continuous from one year to the next.
  3. Section 3: The Jewish Law Society shall not restrict membership on the basis of race, sex, creed, or religion.

ARTICLE IV: Officers

  1. Section 1: The Jewish Law Society shall have, but is not excluded to, a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Mitzvah Coordinator. This group of designated officers shall compose the executive body.
  2. Section 2: All of the above officers shall be elected by the general membership of the Jewish Law Society.

ARTICLE V: Duties of Officers

  1. Section 1: The President shall have all of the duties and powers assigned to him/her under Robert’s Rules of Order.
    1. The President or the Treasurer shall be responsible for signing all disbursements of funds.
    2. The President shall be responsible for the agenda and preparation. All agenda items must be submitted to the President at least 48 hours before a regularly scheduled meeting, except in emergency.
  2. Section 2: The Vice President shall have all the duties and powers assigned to him/her under Robert’s Rules of Order.
    1. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President.
    2. In the event the office of President is vacated before the term of duty is complete, the Vice President shall assume the position of President until the next election.
    3. The Vice President shall be in charge of the planning and development of social activities for the Jewish Law Student Association.
    4. The Vice President shall assist the President with any administrative work designated to him/her.
  3. Section 3: The Secretary shall:
    1. Be responsible for the minutes of the meetings of the general membership and those of the executive body.
    2. Keep all permanent records of the Jewish Law Society.
    3. Inform the members of scheduled meetings.
    4. Be responsible for collecting and distributing mail.
  4. Section 4: The Treasurer shall:
    1. Be responsible for the financial records of the Jewish Law Society.
    2. Be responsible for purchasing supplies necessary for maintaining the organization.
    3. Be responsible for the preparation and presentation of the budget proposal to the Student Bar Association (SBA).
    4. Be responsible for balancing the budget.
    5. Request check requests and petty cash reimbursements, and deposit organization funding in a timely manner.
  5. Section 5: The Mitzvah Coordinator shall:
    1. Propose and coordinate activities intended to benefit the school and community as a whole.

ARTICLE IV: Election of Officers

  1. Section 1: Elections of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall take place at a meeting during the Spring Semester. This meeting shall take place no later than March 1 of the Spring Semester. Officers elected at that time will assume office the day after the last day of Spring Semester finals.
  2. Section 2: Each member of the Jewish Law Society shall have one vote. There will be no voting by proxy except in cases of emergency (as defined by the executive body).
  3. Section 3: In the election for officers, the winning candidate must have a majority of the votes to be declared elected. The Vice President will chair the elections, with full voting rights.


  1. Section 1: The general membership of the Jewish Law Society shall meet no less than once per month in any month that is entirely within a semester.
  2. Section 2: Meeting days shall be decided by the President.
  3. Section 3: A quorum shall be constituted by a majority of the members present at the beginning of each meeting.
  4. Section 4: In all meetings of the executive body and the general membership, business shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.

ARTICLE VIII: Amendment and Ratification

  1. Amendments to this constitution shall be ratified upon proper and motion and approval by two-thirds of the general membership attending a specified meeting. The meeting must be known to the general membership; notification of the meeting must disclose that an amendment to the constitution is being voted on and must disclose the time and place of the meeting.

Adopted: September 6, 2011