Welcome Students

Our mission is to provide $4,000 fellowships to law students holding public interest positions. Such positions include, but are not limited to: civil legal service organizations, non-profit organizations, public defense organizations, prosecutors offices, and government agencies. Public interest law advances the legal concepts of justice, fairness, and protection of those that can't necessarily afford private legal representation.

WUPILP is a great group of people who make a positive difference here in Oregon and around the world. This fall semester, we are holding several events aimed at raising funds for fellowship recipients, which every student is eligible to apply for. These events can also be great networking opportunities. Our strongest supporters are Willamette faculty and alumni, attorneys, and judges.

WUPILP is a student-run organization that knows how demanding law school can be; therefore, we have tailored our programs to fit all schedules, skill sets, and levels of interest. Please don't let your busy schedule impede your participation in a fulfilling contribution to the public interest.

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