Handling Honor Code Issues

The Atkinson School Honor Code specifically applies to issues of academic honesty and professional behavior of students enrolled in Atkinson School courses. The Honor Code is intended to create and sustain an environment of honor and trust, encourage each person to develop to his or her full potential, and promote a positive set of values and behaviors that distinguish members of the Atkinson School community in their personal and professional lives. The Honor Code also gives students an important role in resolving issues of academic honesty and professional behavior.

It is the desire of the Atkinson School community to have a culture of honesty that prevents violations of the Honor Code before they occur, rather than to impose sanctions after a violation. This calls for all members of the community to encourage compliance with the Honor Code, whether it be in regard to their own actions or the actions of others. To encourage awareness, compliance and the positive effects of the Honor Code system, every student enrolled in an MBA course, every faculty member and every staff member is asked to acknowledge the Atkinson School Honor Code.

All members of the Atkinson community are encouraged to act in ways that support a culture of honor, whether it be in regard to their own actions or the actions of others. As such, all members of the Atkinson community should feel empowered to address Honor Code violations and potential Honor Code violations.

If a member of the community is aware that a student or group of students is considering violating the Honor Code, it is appropriate to remind those considering violating the Code that they have other choices, and that it is always better for a student to do their own work even if it means they will get a lower grade on a test or assignment than to experience the personal, academic and professional consequences associated with violating the Honor Code. If the student has already violated the Honor Code, it is appropriate to encourage the person to tell the professor or the Honor Code Officer of their violation. The Honor Code Officer for both Early Career and the MBA for Professionals program is Alex Subert, Senior Associate Dean and Director of Admission.

If the concerned member or the Atkinson Community does not feel comfortable talking with the student who violated the code, the person is encouraged to talk with the professor or the Honor Code Officer. The concerned person may also want to use the links below for guidance.

The Atkinson Honor Code supplements, but does not replace, Willamette University policies related to student conduct. Incidents of conduct involving interpersonal violence, harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination, dating violence, domestic violence, threats of violence, theft, damage to property, weapons, illegal use or abuse of alcohol or drugs, failure to comply with the terms of any agreement or sanctions imposed in accordance with the Willamette University Student Rights & Responsibilities, will generally be processed through the Willamette University conduct process.

However, the Atkinson School reserves the right to perform a preliminary investigation and consult with the University's Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities to determine whether the process for any given situation will reside within the conduct procedures of the Atkinson School, the University, or both.

A discussion of expected academic and professional behavior of Atkinson School students is available in the segment of the Student Handbook titled "Expectations of Academic and Professional Behavior."