The Glenn L. Jackson Leadership Award

The Glenn L. Jackson Leadership Award was created by the Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette University in 1984 to recognize extraordinary entrepreneurial and civic leadership benefiting the State of Oregon. The Award seeks to recognize public and private leadership in the tradition of the late Glenn L. Jackson, a true Oregonian, who served as Chairman of Pacific Power and Light (now, PacifiCorp), Chairman of the Oregon Transportation Commission and owner of several entrepreneurial enterprises. Glenn L. Jackson believed in making the right thing happen for Oregon and had the capacity and drive to get things done. He serves as a civic leadership model for all Oregonians.

The Award was first presented to Gerald W. Frank, an outstanding Oregonian, community leader and entrepreneur. Mr. Frank presents the Award annually on behalf of Willamette University at the Atkinson Graduate School of Management's May Commencement exercises.

This Year's Recipient: Sandra McDonough

Sandra McDonough has served as president and CEO of the Portland Business Alliance since Aug. 1, 2004. 

Before joining the Alliance, Sandra had a two-decade career in the energy industry, working for both the San Francisco-based PG&E Corporation and PacifiCorp. Prior to that, she was a newspaper reporter for 10 years, with reporting stints at The Oregonian and The Seattle Times.

Sandra has 40 years of civic and community leadership and service in the Portland area. She is currently serving on the boards of Associated Oregon Industries, Greater Portland Inc., International Women’s Forum, New Avenues for Youth, Travel Portland, the University of Oregon Alumni Association, as well as the U.S. National Bank Community Advisory Board and the Metal Toad advisory board. She is also a senior fellow of the American Leadership Forum/Oregon. 

A Portland native, Sandra holds bachelor's degrees in journalism and German from the University of Oregon. She has one son, Richard, and lives in Southwest Portland.

Past Award Winners

1984 Gerald Frank

2000 Stephen H. Corey

1985 Howard Vollum

2001 Patsy Smullin

1986 Douglas Strain

2002 George Passadore

1987 William Healy

2004 James H. Rudd

1988 Don Frisbee

2005 Betsy Johnson and Elizabeth “Becky” Johnson

1989 Oran Robertson

2006 William D. Thorndike Jr.

1990 Bill Naito and Sam Naito

2007 Richard G. Reiten

1991 William Smullin

2008 Robert Jesenik

1992 Eric Hoffman

2009 Jim Bernau

1993 Henry T. Swigert

2010 A.W. “Bill” Sweet

1994 Robert Chandler

2011 N. Christian Andersen III

1995 Ken and Joan Austin

2012 John D. Gray

1996 Robert Ridgley

2013 William "Bill" Wyatt

1997 Michael M. Powell

2014 Michael P. Hollern

1998 L. Martin Brantley

2015 Greg Walden

1999 Brett Wilcox

2016 Thomas J. Imeson