Your Willamette MBA "To Do" List

It is time to get started on your Willamette MBA experience! There are several tasks you need to do to prepare for fall semester classes and career management. All tasks are described below. If you have questions or cannot complete an assignment by the due date, please contact Judy O'Neill at

PACE Assignment - DiSC Inventory - Due by July 19th
On July 3rd, you will receive an email from Judy O'Neill giving you access to DiSC and asking you to complete the DiSC inventory. The DiSC inventory provides insight into preferred management and leadership styles. You will complete the DiSC online -- it takes about 20 minutes. You will receive your DiSC results after Compass Week and you will use the results in your PACE class. Judy will receive your results immediately and will use DiSC results to help build your PACE teams. We have purchased DiSC for you, so there is no cost to you. Remember to complete the DiSC by Friday, July 19th.

Career Management and Professional Preparation Assignments - Due by July 29th
Here is your Professional Career Management Do List. Each activity listed below should be completed by July 29th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. We suggest you complete the assignments in the order in which they are listed, because they will flow together better in that order. A description of each assignment in provided below the list. Email Judy O'Neill at if you have general questions. Email Beth Ursin at if you have questions about the assignments.

Step 1: Self Evaluation - Complete CareerLeader & Reflect Due Date = July 29
Step 2: Gather Information from Others Due Date = July 29
Step 3: Complete the Advising Questionnaire Due Date = July 29
Step 4: Complete the "Your Insights" Assignment Due Date = July 29
Step 5: Update Your Resume Due Date = July 29
Step 6: Apply for the Mentor Program (optional) Due Date = July 29

Step 1: Self Evaluation. This assignment will be complete when you have completed both CareerLeader and Reflect. Click here for a web page discussion about Completing Your Self Evaluation.

Complete CareerLeader. CareerLeader is the top online MBA level career assessment tool. It will help you identify your career interests, career motivators, and skills. Beth Ursin, Director of Career Management, and Desiree Vorhees, Assistant Director of Career Management for the Willamette MBA program, will use your CareerLeader results to work with you when school starts. When you complete CareerLeader, you will be able to work with your results right away. You received access to CareerLeader when we purchased it for you at the time of your admission. If you need help with the log-in directions for CareerLeader, email Judy O'Neill at for access. Complete CareerLeader and review your results by July 29th.

Complete Reflect. Reflect is the newest and most powerful online professional development tool. It will help you identify your natural personality traits as they relate to people skills, leadership, decision making and strategic thinking. Then it helps you grow professionally toward your goals by giving you new insights and knowledge to help you reach your goals. When you complete Reflect, you will be able to work with your results right away. You will use Reflect in your fall semester Managing Organizations courses and in the Career Management segment of PACE. Complete Reflect and review your results by July 29th.

On June 28th, you will receive an email from Judy O'Neill that will contain your Reflect log-in code. We purchased Reflect for you, so there is no cost to you. Here are some important things to remember about Reflect.

  • Reflect comes in more than 20 languages. If you speak more than one language, choose to complete Reflect in the language in which you prefer to read.
  • When you review your results, remember that all scores are equal -- whether it is a 1 or a 10. A higher score is not better than a lower score ... and a lower score is not better than a higher score. Each score level has its strengths, its own weaknesses and its own opportunities for growth.
  • Click here for a pdf of information provided by Reflect.

Step 2: Gather Information from Others. In this assignment you will reach out to three people who you know and talk with them so you can learn from their experience. Click here for assignment instructions and sample questions to use. Complete your interviews by July 29th.

Step 3: Advising Questionnaire. Complete and submit the Advising Questionnaire by July 29th. The questionnaire will be used to help our career management team and faculty advisors understand and better meet your needs.

Step 4: Your Insights. This short answer assignment will help you think about and understand the results your received from CareerLeader, Reflect and your discussions with others. Your ability to complete this assignment will require completion of the steps 1,2,and 3. Click here to access the Your Insights assignment. Complete the Your Insights assignment by July 29th.

Step 5: Update Your Resume. It is time to start working on your resume and accomplishments. Click here for instructions and a sample template for your resume. Email your completed resume (word document or pdf ) to Email your resume to Tracy by July 29th.

Step 6: Mentorship Program Application (optional). Be sure to complete this short application form if you would like to have a mentor and participate in our mentorship program. The application must be submitted by July 29th.

Early Access to Career Management Services
If you complete all of the Career Management assignments by July 29th, you will qualify for early access to career services. This means you can start working one-on-one with the Atkinson School Career Management staff before school starts. Early access dates for this year are August 5th through August 13th. If you qualify for early access, contact Jeremy Sage, at or call 503-370-6167 after August 1st to make your appointment.

Administrative Assignments

1. Order Your Name Tag. Let us know how you would like your name to appear on your professional name tag and other name tags we use at the Atkinson School. Please complete this from by August 6th.

2. Pronounce Your First and Last Name on Judy O'Neill's Voice Mail. At Atkinson, we like to be sure that your name is pronounced correctly. Every fall semester we make a short recording of each new student pronouncing their first and last name so everyone can hear the correct pronunciation. Please call Judy's voice mail at 503-375-5310 at anytime on a Saturday or Sunday, or after 5:00 p.m. on a weekday. When you get to the voice mail, say this: "My name is ____ and my ID number is _____." Then pronounce your first name and last name, slowly, three times. For example, if Judy was making the call she would say, "My name is Judy O'Neill and my ID number is 000000. Judy O'Neill, Judy O'Neill, Judy O'Neill." Please make this call and leave your message before August 12th.

3. Complete and Submit your Health History Form. The State of Oregon requires all students to submit a Health History with dates of vaccinations that are required in Oregon. For information please see Health History Information. Complete the required Health History and return it to the Atkinson School or Bishop Wellness Center by August 1. If you cannot do it by August 1st, bring it to school and give it to us on your arrival. Students who have not provided a Health History form cannot attend their classes when classes start. Let us know if you have questions.